Cat Profile : Getting to Know the Russian Blue

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The Russian blue is a much loved breed of cat for its entrancing beauty and affectionate natures.

This breed originally came from the Archangel Isles in Russia, and was much favoured by the Russian czars.

The Russian blue is also sometimes known as the Archangel cat due to their origins and they are believed to have been taken to Northern Europe and England in the mid-19th Century by Russian sailors.

Russian blue cats are generally lithe and muscular with piercing green-emerald eyes and a striking silver-blue coat.

Russian Blue Personality

The Russian blue is often shy around strangers, but is exceptionally affectionate with its family.

They are often sensitive to the moods and feelings of their owners.

Russian blue cats often display:

  • Dignity
  • Playfulness
  • Sensitivity
  • Independence
  • Companionship.

The Russian blue breed is usually best with families where there are older children.

Their sensitive nature can become overwhelmed easily when there is a lot of noise around the house or young children who may scare them.

When things get a little much for them in the noise department, they will often slip quietly away for a little solitude.

Interesting Facts about the Russian Blue

After World War II, there were very few Russian blue cats left.

Fortunately, English and Scandinavian breeders were able to revive their numbers by cross-breeding them with English blue and blue point Siamese breeds.

In Russia, the breed is considered to be lucky and images of this cat are often given to brides in order to bring about a happy marriage.

Looking After Your Russian Blue

The Russian blue is a short-haired breed, which makes their grooming requirement relatively simple.

All that is required is a weekly brushing, regular patting and a healthy diet.

With a little love and attention, you will have a friend for life in the Russian blue.

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Author: Mindy Jamison

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