Cat Superstitions Over Time

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Over time, there have been many cat superstitions across different cultures that have coloured the way people connect with felines.

Bad Luck Cat Superstitions

Of course, one of the best known cat superstitions is that black cats are bad luck.

In the UK and many other English speaking countries, the black cat was associated with witchcraft and evil.

In China, the black cat is associated with hard times and poverty.

In much of Europe, one of the leading cat superstitions was that if a black cat jumped onto a sick bed, it was a sure sign that death was near.

Remnants of these cat superstitions are still prominent to this day and for this reason, black cats have the lowest adoption rate at pet rescue centres.

Good Luck Cat Superstitions

Fortunately for the black cat, some places also believe that they are good luck or even sacred.

Freya, one of the Norse goddesses, drives a chariot that is pulled by two black cats.

In the South of France, black cats are known as magician’s cats and they are believed to bring good luck.

Cat Superstitions and Seafaring Folk

Pirates, sailors and fisherman have always been a superstitious bunch, so it is unsurprising that they have some about cats:

  • Sailors – in the 19th century sailors believed that black cats would attract good luck and many were kept on ships.
  • Pirates – believed that a black cat walking towards them was bad luck, but a black cat walking away from them was a harbinger of good fortune.
  • Fishermen – many fishermen’s wives used to keep black cats because they believed that it would protect their husband while they were away from home on the seas.

Cat Superstitions and Romance

 In Japan, it is believed that a woman with a black cat will have many suitors and many favourable offers of marriage.

It is also commonly believed there that if a black cat sneezes near a bride, it will bring good fortune.

Often black cats, in the form of ornaments, are given to couples as gifts on their wedding day.

There are many cat superstitions throughout the world in different cultures.

Do you believe in cat superstitions?

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