Pet Cat Promoted to Assistant Librarian

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Kuzya, the pet cat at the municipal library of Novorossiysk, Russia, has recently been given the title of assistant librarian.Assistant Librarian

Pet cat Adopted by Local Library

The friendly feline turned up at the library one day, homeless and looking for food. The library staff was quickly charmed by Kuzya, who oozed personality, and he soon became the library’s mascot and pet cat.

Pet cat Overcomes Red Tape

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bureaucracy that needs to be navigated carefully when an animal is to be kept in a public space.

There were various hurdles that had to be overcome before Kuzya could take up a permanent post in the library:

  • A passport was obtained for the pet cat
  • A vet gave him a clean bill of health
  • He was vaccinated against rabies
  • An ID chip was implanted.

Success as Kuzya, the pet cat becomes local celebrity

Pet Cat Assistant Librarian

Following all these steps, the staff members at Novorossiysk library were happy to receive the good news that Kuzya was permitted to stay with them.

Since he has become an official member of the library team, he receives a princely wage of 30 tins of cat food per month, plus snacks and a snazzy bow tie to ensure he looks the part.

Since arriving at the library he has been a huge hit with staff and locals alike.

Many local people come to the library just to visit the library’s pet cat as he roams the shelves or nuzzles in for a cat nap in one of his favourite nooks among the books.

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Author: Mindy Jamison

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